Our unstated goal is to reach the remotest parts of Pakistan.

Our Bridging Affiliates


NEDAASV is the NED Alumni Network in Silicon Valley of NED University of Engineering and Technology. The NED Alumni still carry the mission embossed on NED's original logo, which is also the logo of this Alumni Association, true to its roots.

Dice Foundation

A US based non-profit, tax-exempt organization registered in Michigan USA. The organization is run by expatriate volunteers from US, UK, Canada and by thought leaders within Pakistan, who are fully committed to bringing prosperity to their motherland through innovation, entrepreneurship and local product development.


Koshish Foundation is a tax-exempt, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization registered in the state of California. Koshish believes students should not fall behind for lack of financial resources and thus not realize their full potential. Koshish’s motto is Dream * Achieve * Serve


The Human Empowerment and Welfare Trust (HEWT) was founded in 2012, by Bay Area-based entrepreneur Zulki Khan, and provides interest-free micro loans to women and families in need.


Detectovid is initiated by the confluence of DICE Foundation and NEDAASV. Detectovid is a team of AI engineers, Developers, Marketing specialists and medical professionals working tirelessly to produce powerful covid detecting algorithm just through your cough and breathing patterns

The Anvils of Cottage Industry

An "Eye in Silicon Valley" Initiative for HEWT

A Contest to find Tools to Spur and Support the Cottage Industry in the Suburbs of Pakistan.

Supported by Hewt Micro Loans so the weakest and the most vulnerable of the society mostly women get empowered by employment.


A list of ideas in the incubator from our team. You can download the files by clicking the buttons below.


With wisdom of universe massive and our intelligence that has bounds, the frontiers to discover are limitless. As Biological evolution runs out of steam, we enter the era of explosive machine evolution, future of homo sapiens gets in limbo. Yet 7.7 billion people on the planet are acquiring and adding pages of knowledge on daily basis. It will be a shame to live and not learn the knowledge what collectively our specie has already acquired. Lets Read Science🎗 An initiative of DICE and NEDAASV