HEWT Project Contest

Anvils of Cottage Industry

An “Eye in Silicon Valley” initiative for HEWT

“An early Initiative Prize has already been awarded to Obaid Ur Rehman Hanafi before the contest has begun for his idea and detailed working on the Chicken Hatching Incubators.”


Task: Task at hand right now is to come up with a gadget, tool, app, accessory or any other product with the following criteria – We will call it “device” from now on. The idea is to do a proof of concept and then develop the product so that poorest of the poor people can use it to generate a daily wage or income of Rs:500 -Rs:1000 a day using this device. This would create a livelihood for these poor people and bring them out of poverty, which is the motive of HEWT (www.hewt.org)

Objective: This device should be easy to use by the masses, and should be easily manufacturable either in Pakistan or China for a reasonable cost. This should be a very practical idea of a product keeping in mind that the usage would be amongst the non-educated people and they would use it to earn daily income for bringing the food to the table, for themselves and their family members … Reasonable cost is defined as for a quantity of about 1000 units, it should cost in the range of Rs: 25,000 – Rs:30,000 – Off course, this is going to take a little bit more research after a prototype has been developed and its usage has been proven already among its users. This device should be robust enough to be used on daily basis without needing maintenance or repairs on weekly basis …

End Result: This contest should encourage the students and competing members to create a device which they should be able to make on the prototype level from the funding that is to be provided by HEWT. There would be at least 3 projects, may be more, which would be selected for providing the funding for making the prototype. Following criteria should be followed:

  1. Device should be used independently – Without the need for any other accessory or device needed to run this “device”
  2. Prototype is to be developed carefully, keeping the mind of cost of BOM (Bill of Material) for production

Resources Available: Everyday available resources could be really looked into such as solar power, wind or mechanical, tidal power, hydroelectric energy/power – Converting one form of energy into another one, is a good idea, as long as a good device could be thought out and made from it ?

Some Ideas: Solar powered based:

  • cooking range
  • Sewing Machine
  • Waffle maker / chapati maker
  • Laptop / Phone Charging devices
  • Handmade Looms (charkha)
  • Solar Power storage ideas for the energy to be harvested and utilized in the evening or at night

Other Ideas:

  • Purifying water using some inexpensive filtration systems
  • Delivering medicines / perishables using cheap drones ?

There is no shortage of ideas, and with bit of research in the “kachi abadi” or poor areas, a good product could be conceived and “device” can be made.

Prize Money (USD $10,000): As discussed earlier, we have allocated $1000 for the ideas to be conceived and proposal to be submitted … Once the idea gets selected, funds would be disbursed to develop the prototype device. $9000 has been allocated for creating a handful of prototype devices (6-8 may be)

Participants can keep the idea (and IP, if there is any) and make a commercially viable project based on this device that they have created, as long as HEWT can also make production version of these devices.